Nationally funded and broad based Training in Competitive Systems and Practices and Front Line Management

The Australian Government provides a variety of financial incentives for eligible employers targeting a number of qualifications including:

  • MSS30312 Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices
  • MSS40312  Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and Practices
  • BAB40807 Certificate IV in Frontline Management
  • BSB30407 Certificate III in Business Administration
  • BSB40207 Certificate IV in Business
  • BSB41507 Certificate IV in Project Management
  • BSB50207 Diploma of Business
  • BSB51107 Diploma of Management with Quality Major
  • BSB51407 Diploma of Project Management

These incentives are available for employers commencing eligible new staff in a Certificate III or IV traineeship amounting to a commencement incentive ($1500.00) plus a completion incentive ($2,500),for a total $4,000. Traineeships should be completed within 2 years. For existing staff the incentive is $3000.00.


Note:- Eligibility for an incentive must be determined for each individual by an Australian Apprenticeship Centre (ACC). These ACC’s are contracted by the Australian Government to administer the training contract as well as the incentives received by the employer.


In order to create a culture of Lean Six Sigma knowledge and skills across the business AOQ-QLD now offers Nationally, a number of Nationally recognised Certificate programs including Cert III & IV in Competitive Systems and Practices, and Cert IV in Front Line Management that include Lean Six Sigma training.


Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and Practices (MSS40312) gives supervisors, leading hands and team leaders the skills needed to lead workplace improvements in Quality, process efficiency, responsiveness and cost reduction whilst ensuring employee health and safety.


In our approach to this training, we combine this qualification with a certificate in Lean Six Sigma at Yellow Belt level by mapping the competencies necessary to satisfy both programs. The Yellow Belt Certificate covers the set of competencies that the AOQ has registered internationally through RABQSA (USA).


This approach has the advantage of providing a clear project/problem solving methodology that integrates the wide range of skills acquired through the various Units of the Certificate program. In our experience, this improves the impact of the training on the organisation, by making it more sustainable. Its DMAIC (Define - Measure - Analyse - Improve - Control) methodology also ensures that improvement is aligned with your organisation's goals.


The training ensures the organisation has achieved the required level of competency and knowledge so it can establish an improvement program that is really sustainable.


The Nationally accredited Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices (MSS30312 ) enables your team to improve its work practices by applying similar DMAIC skills. We combine this qualification with a Certificate in Lean Six Sigma at White Belt level by mapping the competencies necessary to satisfy both programs.


Cert IV in Front Line Management (BAB40807) allows team leaders and supervisors to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to provide leadership and guidance to others and take responsibility for the effective functioning and performance of the team and its work outcomes.


This Federally (and sometimes also State) funded training is an excellent way to create the fertile culture in which to plant and grow a successful business improvement program. By covering a very large percentage of your workforce, broad-based training ensures that your improvement program will be accepted and even embraced by your people. They will get to understand the process of improvement, the tools it uses and also to practice it themselves, in a controlled, group context. This reduces the natural reticence that most of us have towards change.


The training also allows you to identify those individuals who have the potential to become the real "Change Agents or Drivers" in your organisation. These are the people who will reach out for the new and radically better ways of doing business. These change agents would become either Lean Sigma Black or Green Belts with further training and competency assessments to drive change within the business (refer Lean Sigma training ).


In the Certificate level training we achieve results by ensuring that the training programs are:

  • Driven by workplace outcomes
  • Relevant to work
  • Flexible and informative
  • A long term partnership between Employer, RTO and Training/Coaching experts

Another critical success factor is that there is within the organisation an individual who can drive it internally. As part of the program, we support and mentor this person so they can carry out this role effectively.

Before commencement of any training we undertake an extensive design and development phase which includes:

  • Strategic review
  • Training Needs assessment
  • Recognition of prior learning and recognition of current competency assessment
  • Identifying performance indicators for the program
  • Identifying projects that align with business needs

AOQ-QLD offers these services in Certificate training through a joint venture with a Registered Training Organisation, ACPE Pty Ltd, AXIOM and a respected training organisation.

For more information, please contact 041 977 2926 or email


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