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Member and Friends Meeting-Sponsored by ARUP

Thursday 27th April, 2017

The Gold Award for Business Excellence 2017

Have you considered applying for the Gold Award for Business Excellence?
You don't know what the award is?                            You don't know the requirements?
Come to ARUP Melbourne at 4.30 Thursday 27 April for a briefing (see below for more details) and register at It is free thanks to ARUP.

The Gold Award for Business Excellence is an annual program that has been conducted since the early 1980's with numerous updates as the various ISO Standards on which the awards lean on for improvement are reviewed.

The Gold Award for Business Excellence is designed to benefit organisations, industries and the community at large, by promoting and recognising organisations committed to achieving Organisational Success through Best Practice in Australia.

The Entry Kit is available at

Professional Recognition of Personnel in the Business Process Improvement Industries

The professionals in this industry fall into three main groups:

  • Quality Management
  • Improvement eg Lean, Six Sigma, etc
  • Auditing

The vision of each group of individuals is quite different and they prefer to have discussions with their own peer group.

Our answer to this is quite unique.


Your presenter is Mario Pennisi, the CEO of the Australian Organisation for Quality Queensland Inc. He has been the CEO on-and-off since 2000; but a member since 1972. He has wide experience in the sector and has been awarded the MJ Ahern medal for his work in quality; he is a Fellow of the AOQ and a Fellow of the Quality Management Society.


ARUP: Level 17 1 Nicholson Street, EAST MELBOURNE 3002

Date: 27 April, 2017

Time: 4.30 to 5.45 pm

Local Contact: The local contact is at

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Melbourne 27 April 2017




Auditor Training (Melbourne CBD)

Internal/External Auditing, QMS, EMS, OHS and IMS Training please visit AuditorTrainMelb.htm

Lean Six Sigma

Training is available in Melbourne for White, Yellow, Green and Black Belt. Please go to for details and dates.

Professional Lean Six Sigma Certification Programme and Professional Register are also available. Please go to:, or


Training is available in Melbourne Lean Practices. Please go to for details and dates.

Previous Events

April 2015

Gold Award for Business Excellence 2015

Mario Pennisi CEO Progressing Business Institute and

ISO9001:2015 – what’s really changed and how could it impact your Management System

Ron Hemmink, ARUP

The ISO9001:2015 is scheduled for publication in September 2015 with the general consensus being that the impact is likely to be greatest for practitioners and auditors rather than the organisation itself, as many of the new and enhanced requirements are things that organisations and businesses should be doing already – for example, understanding the needs and expectations of stakeholders.

The difference will be that these activities will have to be transparent and demonstrable, so organisations may need to make some activities more evident than they currently are

For those organisations already living by the spirit of ISO 9001:2008, the transition to ISO 9001:2015 should prove relatively straightforward. Whereas, for those organisations that are simply complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 at the most basic level, work will be required to address the current culture of the organisation.

Join us for a discussion on the changes and how these could impact on your organisation.


Ron Hemmink is the Regional Quality Management Specialist for Arup. He has extensive experience in quality systems, general management, business integration & improvement, and business development and is passionate about realising sustainable business growth and ensuring customers receive quality service supported by a well-managed business environment. His general management experience and involvement with business acquisitions and subsequent integrations has ensured a wealth of experience in how companies are, can be, and should be structured and managed.

Ron has over 20 years (ISO9001) quality management & business improvement experience, 15 years general & commercial management experience, 5 years (international) key customer account experience and 5 years as a company director.

Ron previously worked at Bureau Veritas where he held a number of roles , including General Manager of the Certification Division and was an executive team member in the acquisition and integration team for six companies acquired by Bureau Veritas in Australia.

29 April, 2014

Potential Changes to IISO 9001
Arash Niavarani

ISO will make changes to 9001 and 14001 for its 2015 versions.

The changes to 14001 are significant and will affect all auditors as well as organisations. These changes are in line with ISO 17021.2. ISO 17021 requires Environmental auditors to understand the operation of test equipment as well as have knowledge of ISO 1400

Read the Presentation

10 October, 2013

Leaning Into Disruption
Tathra Street, Awesomeness Coach and Facilitator

Rapid societal and technological change is disruptive, and we anticipate resistance. Whether we're training managers on a new business process, implementing a culture change program or simply adapting to a new POS system, we expect to be disrupted and we expect adversity.

As times change, a new way of doing business is subtly gaining legitimacy. Command and control is on it's way out, simply telling people what to do and expecting them to do it is losing traction. Opening ourselves up and leaning into these disruptive changes sounds down right unappealing, yet the unexpected outcomes are exactly what we're after. 

Learn some new techniques and approaches to training and implementation that result in greater adoption and less resistance. 

Learn how: 

  • creating 'pull' can minimise resistance in 'push' approaches

  • experiential learning enlivens trainings

  • to bring high engagement and robustness into your programs and processes 

  • gaining commitment brings long term change, where obligation causes resistance 

  • 8 August 8, 2013

    Successful Programs, Peter McDonald, Telstra

    Read the Presentation

August 23, Thursday

Changes to ISO 19011 and ISO/IEC 17021 New ISO Auditing Standards presented by Geoff Brundle, JAS-ANZ

April 19th Thursday

Carbon Price Claims-Guides for Business
presented by ACCC

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AOQ-QLD Training*

AOQ-QLD®'s training arm is the Australian Quality Centre (AQC), The Australian Business Improvement Centre (ABIC) and Business Training and Support Institute (BTSI) for Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs.

AOQ Queensland Inc is developing partnering processes with commercial entities. These arrangements include the provision of training, consulting services as well as advertising in Progressing Business eZine, the official magazine of AOQ-QLD.

The aim of the partner arrangement is to combine training programmes that are just viable and turn them into successful ventures by amalgamating training courses of The Queensland Quality Centre and commercial organisations, thus providing an income stream to AOQ-QLD® and its partners, provide improved services to the partnerships' members and customers and increase visibility of partners and AOQ-QLD® in the business community.

There is room for more partners and AOQ-QLD® would like to hear from prospective partners who share these philosophies.

Mario Pennisi FAOQ, MJ Ahern Medal
Telephone: 07 3816 2255; 041 977 2926

* Conditions apply.

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