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AOQ-QLD is a not for profit organisation certified to ISO9001, which operates for the benefit of Industry and the community as a whole as well as for members
We provide:

  • professional services to organisations and companies seeking support and guidance in the area of successful business management, and
  • a range of training courses and mentoring services for individuals within the wider community, who are seeking to enhance their employability and careers

. AOQ-QLD services include: 

  • A large range of up to date training services,
  • Mentoring and Consulting services
  • informative seminars, conferences and workshops on employment and career enhancement topics
  • Special interests groups in five disciplines (Divisions) providing peer support
  • An extensive membership network in all capital cities as well as Regional Centres.

We are supported by a voluntary Peak Industry Advisory Council composed of senior University academics, Government figures and business leaders, which provides our voluntary Governing Council with timely advice and leading edge knowledge

AOQ-QLD® is a membership-based association with over 350 corporate and personal members and affiliates around Australia and from overseas with a total representation estimated at 12000.

The Australian Organisation for Quality-Queensland Inc trades as:


Quality Policy

The Australian Organisation for Quality (Queensland) Inc aims to increase the competitiveness of Queensland and Australian business and industry by promoting the use of quality principles, tools and technologies to achieve continuous improvement while consistently meeting stakeholders’ expectations.

In pursuing successful outcomes for our members and clients, we recognise the importance of understanding our stakeholders’ needs as a basis for continuously improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes.

The Australian Organisation for Quality (Queensland) Inc has implemented a quality assurance system built upon the principles of Quality Management, which satisfies the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008.

We commit all voluntary and contract workers to the achievement of our vision of being recognised throughout Australia as a leading authority in and champion for continuous improvement leading to business excellence through the use of quality management principles.


To maintain our position as Australia's leading authority in continuous improvement, quality management and business excellence.


1. Learning
Our approach supports learning and forward thinking in a diverse and globalised work environment.
2. Positivity
We operate in a positive framework to contribute to the development of individuals, organisations and the community.
3. Achievement
We set achievement targets and plan to realise them.
4. Leadership
We lead by example and support others to be inspiring role models.
5. Sustainability
We facilitate organisational sustainability.

AOQ Code of Ethics

All Volunteers, Course Presenters, Consultants and others providing services on behalf of AOQ-QLD® adhere to the AOQ-QLD® Code of Ethics.

'' In my occupational relationships with the public, customers and clients, with my employer and peers and with professional bodies, I will strive to uphold the good repute of quality practice. To maintain this high standard of conduct I pledge that I:

  1. Shall act professionally, accurately and in an unbiased manner
  2. Shall promote reliability and safety in goods for public use
  3. Shall faithfully indicate true quality findings without fear or favour
  4. Shall be honest and impartial in dealings with customers/clients
  5. Shall not conceal from an employer, customer or client any conflicting or competing business connections or interests likely to impair services rendered
  6. Shall not disclose confidential information without employer's, customer's or client's consent
  7. Shall give credit for work where it it due
  8. Shall strive to increase the competence and prestige of the quality management profession, and aid the professional development of colleagues and subordinates
  9. Shall not compete unfairly with others for advancement
  10. Shall support the work of AOQ (QLD) Inc and help to enhance its standing in the community, and not act in any way that would prejudice the reputation of the AOQ, or the Quality or Business Improvement Profession
  11. Shall not intentionally communicate false or misleading information
  12. Shall not accept any inducement, commission, gift or other benefit from individual or organisation in return for making decisions or judgments that may be of advantage to the individual or organisation offering the inducement."

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan for 2015-16 is available for download (Strategic Plan)

Rules/Constitution/Articles of Association

The Rules of the Organisation may be downloaded for review ( Rules)


AOQ-QLD® takes its role model position seriously and operates a management system to ISO9001-2008 that was certified by Bureau Veritas in 2003, re-certified in 2008 and now monitored by Compliance Australia Certification Services.


AOQ-QLD Council and Committees


Len Mahon FAOQ, MJ Ahern Medal


Mike Harris FAOQ




Patrick Killoran MAOQ


Patrick Killoran MAOQ


Mario Pennisi FAOQ, MJ Ahern Medal

Michael Chan

Rachelle Williams



Mario Pennisi FAOQ, MJ Ahern Medal


Division Representatives  


Patrick Killoran MAOQ

Aged Care


Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices

Mario Pennisi FAOQ

Energy Conservation




Lean Six Sigma

Mario Pennisi FAOQ, MJ Ahern Medal

Interstate Group Representatives  



Regional Group Representatives  



Gold Coast




Sunshine Coast




Chairman's Report 2007/08 may be read at:


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Chairman's Report 2009/10 may be read at

Chairman's Report AGM 2010.pdf

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Chairman's Report to AGM 2011

Chairmans Report to AGM 2012_1.pdf

Charman's Report to AGM 2012

Chairmans Report 2012-13_11.pdf

Chairmans Report to AGM 2013

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Chairmans Report to AGM 2014

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Chairmans Report to AGM 2015

Committee Chairs



Len Mahon FAOQ, MJ Ahern Medal

Professional Membership Committee,

Len Mahon FAOQ, MJ Ahern Medal

Consultants, Auditors and Trainers Register

Len Mahon FAOQ, MJ Ahern Medal

Technical & Training

Len Mahon FAOQ, MJ Ahern Medal


Mario Pennisi FAOQ, MJ Ahern Medal


Quality Management System/Complaints

Mike Harris MAOQ

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