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AOQ.ORG.AU seeks short articles on the following topics for publishing on the Member Page

ISO 9001:2015
Management Systems
Buisness Improvement
Continuous Improvement
Tools for Quality Professionals
Tools for Business Improvement
Lean Six Sigma
Neurosciencce for Management
Legislation eg IR, Privacy, Consumer Act, etc
Standards for Auditing
Ethics in Buisness
Organisational Excellence eg What is IT? How does onme achive IT, etc
Management Systems

Each article must be between 1,000 and 1,500 words long; be of a professional standard; without marketing information aside from name of author, position in company, company name and email address; and be approved for publication by the Technical Committee

Authors must be members of AOQ-QLD.

Nothing is for FREE so we offering $100.00 for each article published towards any AOQ-QLD organised event or Membership Subscription.


AOQ Seeks Costco Registered Auditors

AOQ-QLD has a requirements for registered Costco Auditors to assist with conducting "Ethics" audits in the food industry.

Auditors need to be resident in Australia,

Please contact Mario Pennisi, 041 977 2926

AOQ Consultancies*

AOQ-QLD® seeks consultants to be added to our consulting register

. AOQ-QLD® operating as Queensland Business Improvement Centre (QBIC) is currently active in the delivery of consultancies and training associated with the development and maintenance of management systems and other business improvement programs.

By choosing QBIC, national customers are able to deal with a single point of contact, and do not have to co-ordinate the activities of various consultants. This co-ordinated activity enables QBIC to rapidly service any issues that may arise in any State or Territory. Where appropriate, training can be provided associated with the proposed consulting activity.

Please forward name, address, contact information, CV and a list of consulting activities of interest to:

Telephone: 041 977 2926
Email: info@aoq.org.au

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AOQ Trainers*

AOQ-QLD®'s training arm for Quality Management Systems related topics is the Australian Quality Centre (AQC), and for Business Improvement related training it is the Australian Business Improvement Centre (ABIC).

AOQ-QLD has partnering processes in place to operate with commercial entities. These arrangements include the provision of training, consulting services, auditing and advertising in Progressing Business eZine, the official magazine of AOQ-QLD.

Arrangements are in place with a number of training entities in Australia and New Zealand.

The aim of the partner arrangement is to combine training programmes that are just viable and turn them into successful ventures by amalgamating training courses of The Australian Quality Centre and commercial organisations, thus providing an income stream to AOQ-QLD® and its partners, provide improved services to the partnerships' members and customers and increase visibility of partners and AOQ-QLD® in the business community.

There is room for more partners and AOQ-QLD® would like to hear from prospective partners who share these philosophies.

Telephone: 041 977 2926
Email: info@aoq.org.au

* Conditions apply.

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