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Research shows people who join associations experience increased job satisfaction, earn more money, and are generally happier. (The William E Smith Institute for Association Research, 2008).

Membership of the Australian Organisation for Quality-Queensland Inc is open to any individual or corporation that has a yearning for knowledge and understanding of business improvement through the technologies and techniques of the management of quality.

AOQ-QLD® caters for accountants, administrators, consultants, designers, doctors, engineers, hospitality workers, IT, laboratory personnel and analysts, lawyers, marketers, nurses, pathologists, psychologists, organisational specialists, public employees, scientists, students, teachers, technicians of all persuasions.

Our assistance transcends whatever happened to be your professional entry point.

Value Proposition

AOQ-QLD is a not for profit, member based organisation certified to ISO9001, for business professionals who believe in the opportunities provided by championing continuous business improvement and Business Excellence across all  industry and educational sectors.

We are the largest industry group in Australia, featuring;

  • an extensive membership network in all capital cities as well as Regional areas
  • large range of up to date training services,
  • a mentor based consulting service that enhances the outcomes from consulting
  • informative seminars and conferences on unique topics.
  • Special interests groups in five disciplines

AOQ-QLD operates for the benefit of the Industry as a whole as well as for members.

The Peak Industry Advisory Council composed of senior University academics, Government figures and business leaders provide timely advice and knowledge.

Member Services/Benefits

Other Benefits

  1. Promotes the quality industry through Government and other industry bodies in Australia and internationally, and lobbies as required on behalf of the industry.
  2. Raises awareness and consciousness of quality issues and maintains the vitality of the industry.
  3. Has affiliations with a wide network of quality organisations, nationally & internationally
  4. Enables personal recognition for outstanding contributions to the industry through the prestigious MJ Ahern Award.
  5. Designed and conducts the high profile 3rd party certified Gold Awards for Business Excellence Programme.
  6. Provides access to current knowledge and ways of thinking on topical issues through our website, with both national and international links.
  7. Access to professional recognition through to Fellow on our Professional Members' Register.
  8. Member Discount on all AOQ-QLD® training and professional development courses and web based access to training course providers.
  9. Professional Development and Networking opportunities through Business Directions, two Networking Evenings per month and one Networking Breakfast per month featuring interesting and topical guest speakers, normally held monthly.
  10. Discount on Registration Fees for AOQ-QLD® Industry Seminars and Conferences.
  11. Access to professional consulting and auditing services.
  12. Access to "Divisions" ie networking groups of members with like interests including Aerospace, Aged Care, Entrepreneur, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices, Lean Six Sigma
  13. Access to Regional Group Meetings at Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Gladstone, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Toowoomba.
  14. Access to National Register of Quality/Systems Auditors, Certified Practicing Energy Auditor Register, Lean Six Sigma ProfessionalsRegister, Consultants Register, Trainers Register.
  15. Representation on Standards Committees on quality matters.
  16. Opportunities to interact with MBA students at various Universities in Queensland and Victoria.
  17. Opportunities to share your knowledge with industry personnel as an AOQ trainer.

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Individual/Personal Membership

Membership Category
Subscription Jul 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018. Plus GST*

Individual/Personal Membership (MAOQ)

Individual/Personal Membership-Student/Retiree (MAOQ) $135.00

Individual Professional Membership-Advanced (AAOQ) (conditions apply) $285.00 send no money with application

Individual Professional Membership-Executive (EAOQ) (conditions apply) $305.00 send no money with application $305.00

Individual Professional Membership-Fellow (FAOQ) (conditions apply) $325.00 send no money with application

Corporate Membership
Membership Category Subscription Jul 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018. Plus GST*
Corporate Membership-Microbusiness (2-10 employees) MB $510.00
Corporate Membership C1 (11-100 employees) $785.00
Corporate Membership C2 (101-250 employees) $1100.00
Corporate Membership C3 (251-500 employees) $1300.00
Corporate Membership C4 (501+ employees) $1450.00

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Personal Membership

Available to any person who has an interest in the science and practice of quality management in any of its forms.

Professional Membership

Advanced Member (AAOQ)

The grade of Advanced Member is open to persons who in addition to fulfilling the conditions for Personal membership, must meet the following criteria and achieved the necessary points in Professional Certification Education Points Scheme
Be engaged in the quality field, have completed a course recognised by the Council and have at least three years practical experience in the quality field.

To apply, forward an email to or mail to The Secretary containing all supporting documentation.

Executive Member (EAOQ)

The grade of Executive Member is open to persons who in addition to fulfilling the conditions necessary for Personal membership, must meet two (2) of the following criteria and achieved the necessary points in Professional Certification Education Points Scheme

  • You have completed a course recognised by the Council and have been engaged for at least three (3) years in the practice of quality.
  • You have provided evidence to satisfy the Council that you have held positions of seniority as a Quality practitioner or manager, and are undertaking self-education with a quality or quality-related organisation.
  • You have submitted a professional paper or conducted a training course to demonstrate your competence, skill and originality in quality.
  • Have been an Advanced Member for two (2) years.

To apply, forward an email to or mail to The Secretary containing all supporting documentation.

Fellow Member (FAOQ)

The grade of Fellow is open to persons, who in addition to fulfilling the conditions necessary for Personal membership, satisfy one of the following criteria and achieved the necessary points in Professional Certification Education Points Scheme

  • Have had suitable education and training as a Quality professional, at least fifteen (15) years employment in a position
    of responsibility in the quality profession, and have a degree of eminence in the quality profession.
  • Have high educational qualifications and have occupied a prominent position in the quality profession, and have made some
    noteworthy contribution to, or materially advanced the practice of quality from the technical point of view.

The Professional Certification Education Points Scheme schedule allows you to calculate your points that will be used by the committee to evaluate your application.

When the Membership Assessment Committee has assessed the form, you will be sent an invoice for the amount relative to the grade offered. Upon payment you will become a professional member and a certificate of membership will be issued.

Objectives of Professional Membership Structure

Because our future lies with people, we wish to recognise the contribution each existing and new member may have already made to the world of quality. The professional membership structure allows for easier interaction of peers, and helps achieve personal goals. Our aim is to create the environment for you to excel and the framework in which you can accelerate your rate of development. The Grade of Professional Membership is offered only to Personal Members; it is not available to corporate representatives.

Professional Experience

.Quality Management experience and educational qualifications form the basis of the criteria used in grading applicants for Professional Membership, Advanced (AAOQ), Executive (EAOQ), Fellow (FAOQ). Professional memberships are awarded following assessment of qualifications and experience. They are designed to reflect the contribution to the world of quality, and are therefore carefully administered.

Supporting Documentation

A complete Curriculum Vitae must accompany this membership application and should include evidence of Quality Management experience and copies of Tertiary Education and recognised training courses, any other information you may wish to offer in support of your application, such as your position description and company organisation chart.

Current List of Professional Members

Fellows FAOQ
Anderson FAOQ, Mr, E, Edward
Andrews HFAOQ, Mr, L, Lance
Baker FAOQ, Mr, S, Shayne
Bullard FAOQ, Ms, R, Ramona
Cindric FAOQ, Ms, M, Mariya
Collins FAOQ, Mr, J ,Daryl
Cross FAOQ, Mr, D, Duncan
Donataccio FAOQ, Mr, J, Joseph
Eenink FAOQ, P B, Pieter
Erskine FAOQ,Mr,R,Richard
Harris FAOQ,Mr M T G, Michael
Jones FAOQ, Dr, M L, Morgan
Juppenlatz FAOQ,Mrs,H,Helena
King FAOQ, Mr, A R, Andrew
Kishore FAOQ,Ms, A,Aarti
Laver HFAOQ, Mr, R, Ron
Lee FAOQ, Ms, R, Ruth
Lo FAOQ, Mr, M, Lo
Londono FAOQ,Mr,C,Camilo
Lugg FAOQ,Mr,P G,Peter
Makar FAOQ,Mr,A,Art
Mahon FAOQ, Mr, L, Len
Marshall FAOQ,Mr,M,Mark
Martin FAOQ,Ms,J,Jodi
Mulholland FAOQ, Mr, K D, Kevin
Ogle HFAOQ, Mr, I, Ian
Pennisi FAOQ, Mr, M S, Mario
Plum HFAOQ, Mr, E T, Edward (Ted)
Pavlovich FAOQ,Mr, L, Lasar
Smith FAOQ Mr B Bruce
Thompson FAOQ, Ms,S,Sandy
Travis FAOQ, Mr, T, Fred
Turner FAOQ, Mr, D R, David
Turner FAOQ, Mr, J, James
Warfield FAOQ, Mr, A G, Gary
Williams FAOQ, Ms, R N,Rachelle
Wilson FAOQ, Mr, W E, Warrick

Executive Member of AOQ -EAOQ
Campbell EAOQ, Ms, V, Vicki
De Vercelli EAOQ, Mr, J, Michael
Harris EAOQ,Mr,D,Donnie
Hayball EAOQ,Mr,M,Mark
Henry EAOQ,Mr,W (Bill),William
Shaer EAOQ, Mr, Q, Qabas
Siddayao EAOQ,Mr,G,Glenn
Szezerbinski EAOQ,Ms,S,Stacy
Wilson EAOQ, Mr, R J, Russell

Advanced Members of AOQ-AAOQ
Budko AAOQ,Mr,V,Vassiliy
Gough, AMAOQ,Mr,A E,Alan
Heberlein AAOQ, Mr, W, Wayne
Kleise AAOQ, Mr, T, Trevor
Rajamohan AAOQ, Mr, R, Raja
Rajanayagan AAOQ,Mr,E,Ebanesar
Robinson AAOQ, Mr, L, Lee

If you wish to contact one of these individuals, please email

Student Membership

As a student you are required to make many career choices - University or TAFE?, Course?, Major?, Full-Time?, Part-Time?, etc. Whether you are pursuing a career in Hospitality, IT, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Business, Service, Education, etc one thing is certain - quality is a major requirement to your success. As a member of AOQ-QLD® you will receive assistance on your path to professional success as well as many valuable benefits.


Divisions are a grouping of members with similar interests. Divisions operate in the following fields:

Regional Groups

Regional Groups are a geographical grouping of members. Groups are being developed in regions based on:

Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Gladstone, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Toowoomba

Code of Ethics/Personal Qualities (Learn More)

All applicants for membership must be of good character and may be required to supply character references sufficient to verify their suitability as members of AOQ-QLD®.

The Council may refuse to approve an application for admission or renewal of any member whose character, reputations or professional conduct makes admission or renewal, in its opinion, undesirable.


Membership of our organisation gives access to one of the most powerful quality movements in the world. You'll receive a subscription to the country's finest quality journal devoted to the quality industry, Progressing Business eZine.

Discounts on courses, access to our advisory service and our regular network meetings, attended by guest speakers covering the spectrum of business improvement.

Membership entitles the member to use the post nominal MAOQ. Professional Membership entitles the member to the use of the relevant post nominal: AAOQ (Advanced), EAOQ (Executive) and FAOQ (Fellow).

Membership of other Professional Organisations

Gradings and grading criteria differ for all professional associations. A specific grading in another association does not necessarily warrant a similar grading in AOQ-QLD®, where criteria is focused in the quality management content of the job and technical knowledge and expertise.

Interests and Affiliations

The AOQ-QLD® may take into account other interests such as service to AOQ-QLD®, contribution to the quality profession, teaching, publishing or other relevant activity, or achievement of special recognition by making a distinguished contribution to the quality management profession.

Special Interest Groups/Divisions

In 2004/5 AOQ-QLD® developed the concept of special interest groups called Divisions. These are for groups of members of AOQ-QLD® who have a common interest.

The Aerospace Division is the Inaugural Division and was founded with 22 members. Since then, the Aged Care, Energy Conservation, Entrepreneur, Pharmaceutical (was Regulated Research & Development and Manufacturing), Lean Six Sigma have been formed. Interest has been shown in developing Divisions for IT, University Quality Officers, Local Government, Health and Food.

To join a Division, a person needs to be an individual member of AOQ-QLD® or an employee of a Corporate Member of AOQ-QLD®.

Personal Awards-Queensland

The M J Ahern Award is given to individual members who have made a significant contribution to quality and quality management systems in Queensland. The Hon Mike Ahern is a former Premier of Queensland and as Minister for State Development in 1987 he was responsible for putting quality on the map in Queensland. The award was struck in 1990.

The Ahern Medal awardees are:

Lance Andrews
Ian Ogle
Leonard Mahon 2003
Fred Travis 2005
Mario Pennisi 2007

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Processing an Application

Send completed application forms AOQ or join online as above:
The Secretary
The Australian Organisation for Quality-Queensland Inc
PO Box 15205
Tel: (+61) 7 3816 2255 or 041 977 2926

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Interstate Education Network

All persons wishing to join the AOQ-QLD should contact In particular:




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