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Campanella, J, Principles of Quality Costs-Principles, Implementation and Costs, 2nd Edition, ASQC Quality Costs Committee, Milwaukee, 1990


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Some previous Member Evening presentations

May 20, 2003
How Easily Managed Document Control Is A GoldMine For Business, Wendy Collett, Principal, Seahorse Data

February 16, 2005
Quality & Safety in Health, Elizabeth Garrigan, Team Leader, Quality Strategy Team, Innovation Branch, Queensland Health.

23rd March, 2005
How Quality Management Helps Small Innovative Companies! From Conformance to performance, Richard Long, Quality Manager, Ai Scientific

21 April, 2005
Development of New Pharmaceuticals: Opportunities and Challenges for Quality Assurance Andrew King, Q-Pharm Pty Limited, about 1.3Mb file

20th July, 2005
American Aviation (Industry) Standard AS9100 'Fact or Fable'
- Kevin D Mulholland, Chairman Aerospace Division, about 1 Mb file

19th April, 2006
Leadership and Consciousness - The Mysteries of Great Leadership Explained
, Narelle Stratford and Dennis McMahon, Sales Champions

17th May, 2006
Quality is an Element of Risk Management, Bruce Johnston, Maunsell Australia

19th July, 2006
Condition Monitoring and the RAAF TF30 RAM Program, John Hall & Greg Mason, Engine Business Unit, RAAF

20th September, 2006
Performance Improvement at Sims Metal, MBA Best Project Prize, Carola Ando, Nick Boswell, Matthew Harrison, Justin Sanderson and Vivian Wang, The University of Queensland

18th April, 2007
Aged Care: At the Coal Face, Heather Douglas, Speech Pathologist

3rd May, 2007
Governance Systems; Towards an Integrated Approach, Professor Peter Little, Executive Dean, Faculty of Business, Queensland University of Technology.

27th June, 2007
I Measure, Therefore I'm in Control, Aren't I?, Richard Ponsonby, 451 Consulting (1Mb file)

2nd August, 2007
Building Quality into Highly Regulated Industries, Mario Pennisi - Chief Executive Officer, QCTN (This is 1.2 Mb file)

29th August, 2007
Aviation Safety: Oh No!!!-Not Another Business Initiative, Bill Mattes, Boeing Australia

6th September, 2007
How Quality has Become Part of My Work, Bernard Holland, Brisbane Catholic Education (1.3 Mb file)

3rd April, 2008
What it Takes to Achieve Successful Improvement, Dan Jackson, Founder Calm Consulting

23 April, 2008
Risk Management, Mike Harris, Quality Manager, Maunsell Australia

16th April, 2008
Some Measurement Models that have been Useful to Us! Richard Ponsonby, Director, 451 Consulting

13th May, 2008
Six Sigma - Where Does it Fit in Today's Process Improvement World Anita Cunningham, Director, Quality Business Services Pty Ltd

1st July, 2008
Theme: Safety in Design
Introduction to OHS Obligations Commencing 1 July 2007, Aldo Raineri Director - Strategic Policy Workplace Health and Safety Queensland

Designing Safer Buildings & Structures : An Australian Perspective, Mike Straughton, Leader, Geotechnical Team, ARUP (3.5Mb File

4th September, 2008
Contracting Laboratory Services- What you need to know!, Jeffery Smith, President and CEO, BioAssayLINK Pty Ltd

29th October, 2008
Embedding the Principles of Sustainability into the Second Largest Employer in Queensland (4Mb file), Bernard Holland, Brisbane Catholic Education.

8th July, 2009
Business Continuity Management in the Wake of a Pandemic, Noel Gillard, Director for the State Health Emergency Coordination Centre (SHECC)

Risk Management, Mike Harris, Quality Manager, Maunsell Australia

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