Media Release-Who is AOQ-QLD®?

The Australian Organisation for Quality (Queensland) Incorporated (AOQ-QLD®) is a stand alone member based not-for-profit association registered under the Queensland Associations Incorporation Act 1981 Section 15, Incorporation Number IA16979.

AOQ-QLD® has always purported to be what it is, ie a member oriented organisation for Quality Management and Business Improvement individuals and organisations providing training, networking, consulting and auditing services.

The AOQ-QLD® withdrew its membership of the Australian Organisation for Quality Inc in September 2007 because, in the short term, the Council could not see a reasonable return on investment for the dues that were levied and for the time spent in participating in the activities of the National Body.

AOQ-QLD® is a very responsible and forward looking organisation, being at the forefront of improvement strategies for business and now has ventured into the energy conservation field, as this activity impinges on the sustainability of enterprises.

AOQ-QLD® has offset its carbon footprint with the Assignment of trees.

AOQ-QLD® operates six Divisions: Aerospace, Aged Care, Entrepreneur, Energy Conservation ,Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices and Lean Six Sigma.

Regional Groups operate in Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba

Interstate Groups operate in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

AOQ-QLD® sponsors and mentors student academic activities at The University of Queensland and Griffith University and provides specialist external lecturers to all three Brisbane based universities. Conferences are co-hosted with The University of Queensland, Griffith University, QUT and Monash University (Victoria). AOQ-QLD® provides a generous sponsorship to the Griffith University Innovation Challenge.

AOQ-QLD® conducts training in related fields on a regular basis, in most States. The various Divisions of the Organisation will have co-hosted four conferences in Aged Care, Lean Six Sigma, Pharmaceutical and general business. Plans are in place for six conferences in 2013 co-hosted with University Departments and organised by the Progressing Business Institute. Conferences and Forums are conducted in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

AOQ-QLD® owns the copyright to the Gold Award for Business Excellence, which it has developed over a decade and which is conducted as a State-by-State and National Event.

AOQ-QLD® "walks the talk" and has its management systems third party certified to ISO9001.

Defining Quality

Quality (Kwol'-) n.1 A distinguishing characteristic or attribute. 2 the basic character or nature of something. 3. a feature of personality. 4. a degree or standard of excellence esp. a high standard. 5. high social status or the distinction associated with it.

"little q": The problems associated with production and the tactical tools that lead to control and improvement.

"Big Q": Quality in the management setting: more strategic, more comprehensive and system wide, ie quality management.

"Really big Q": Beyond quality control and quality management, this looks at sustainability and responsibility; and at a higher level than just the organisation or the firm (Roberto Saco, ASQ President, QP July 2008, p8).

What Does AOQ-QLD® Do?

The Australian Organisation for Quality-Queensland Inc (AOQ-QLD®) is a member based organisation that provides the business community with knowledge, expertise and assistance with integrating their management systems ( "top down") including the legal requirements of governance and ethics, the regulated systems eg WHS and environmental as well as energy conservation, quality, risk, knowledge and compliance.

AOQ-QLD® is third party certified to ISO 9001:2008


Developing and managing these systems builds the foundations for business improvement and puts an organisation on track to achieving excellence.

AOQ-QLD® also offers services in all management systems and business excellence programs eg environment, safety, customer service.

The pursuit of quality is about achieving excellence in all facets of a particular activity, be it business, culture, sport, health, education or government. It involves firms, organisations and individuals having a clear and coherent vision of their goals and strategies. It also involves strong organisational leadership and positive management attitudes to both workforce and customer alike.

The member services include learning, training, networking, resources, auditing and consultancy.

The Australian Organisation for Quality Inc (AOQ) is the country's oldest and largest industry group in the field of Quality and Business Management.
The AOQ was formed as a not-for-profit organisation in 1968.

AOQ-QLD® is a membership-based association representing over 16,000 corporate personnel and personal members and affiliates around Australia and from overseas.

The AOQ-QLD® exists to:

  • Serve its Members eg provide member support such assistance with migrating to the relevant AS-ISO management standards.
  • Provide a value for money Consulting/Auditing service to members
  • Provide Training in Quality and Business Improvement Technologies
  • Promote and manage the Gold Awards for Business Excellence
  • Communicate with members and the business community at large
  • Market the Association, the Profession and Quality as an integral component of good management
  • Develop and present events such as Member Evenings, Sponsored Workshops/Seminars, Conferences such as LeanSixSigma2009 and AgedCare2008
  • Lobby Governments at all levels
  • Lobby Associations such as Local Chambers of Commence and their Business Awards, State Branches of national employer Associations and Unions
  • Be financially viable
  • Provide opportunities for like minded members to unite in specific industry groupings called Divisions.

Research shows people who join associations experience increased job satisfaction, earn more money, and are generally happier. (The William E Smith Institute for Association Research, 2008)

AOQ-QLD trades as:

  • AOQ-QLD®
  • The Australian Quality Centre
  • The Australian Business Improvement Centre
  • Queensland Quality Centre (QCC)
  • Queensland Business Improvement Centre (QBIC)

The President's Report to the AGM 2006 is available at President-Report-2005-2006.pdf
The Chairman's Report to the AGM 2007 is available at AGM-2006-07.pdf (this is a 3Mb file)
The Chairman's Report to the AGM 2008 is available at AGM-2008_1.pdf (this is an 20Mb file)

A brief history of Australian Organisation for Quality-Queensland Inc

  • Chartered in 1972
  • Membership and activities were boosted when the Queensland Government Purchasing Policy made quality important
  • United into a National AOQ in 1988
  • Developed the Queensland Awards in 1988
  • Conducted Qualcon in 1986, 1993, 1998, 2001, and 2005
  • Developed the Queensland Quality Centre (QQC) in 1992
  • Re-structured in 1996
  • A Registered Training Authority (RTO) from 1996 to 2001
  • Developed the Gold Awards for Business Excellence in 2001
  • Developed the Queensland Business Improvement Centre (QBIC) in 2003
  • The Gold Awards were taken Nationally in 2004
  • Developed the Divisions in 2005 with the formation of the Aerospace Division in 2005.
  • Formed the Aged Care Division in 2006
  • Formed the Six Sigma Division in 2006.
  • Formed the Regulated Research and Development and Manufacturing Division in 2007, now the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Division
  • Withdrew from Australian Organisation for Quality Inc in 2007.
  • Formed the Energy Conservation Division in 2008
  • Formed the Entrepreneur Division in 2008
  • Developed the Australian Quality Centre and the Australian Business Improvement Centre in 2011.

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Tel: (+61) 7 3816 2255 or 041 977 2926

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