AOQ-QLD conducts regular Professional Development Meetings
Meetings in Brisbane, Townsville, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

Gold Award

Brisbane Events

Restaurant and Function Room, Brisbane TAFE
Level 2, Block C, 66 Ernest Street, South Brisbane QLD Map
Parking at Southbank Car Park, or Street Parking, or as per map Map.
Evening events are from 6.00 pm to 7.30pm (Register from 5.30pm)
Meeting cost: Refer Booking Panel. Includes a meal and beverage
More information, phone 07 3816 2255 or 041 977 2926 or



Thursday 18th May 5.30 to 7.30pm

Queensland Small Business Week Event

This week is designed as a celebration of small business! Business owners and intenders will have the opportunity to learn and acquire new ideas, skills and tools so you can take your businesses to the next level.

One of the Small Business Week events is the

$10,000 social media challenge

The next big, small business idea. There’s thousands of reasons to participate in the 2017 QSBW social media competition.
For your chance to win $10,000, tell us via video how you can make your business thrive.
Open to all Queenslanders, small business owners and current small business operators aged 16 years and above, we’re searching for the most innovative, unique and efficient idea to help your business thrive.

Join the $10,000 Challenge

AOQ-QLD's event will be a workshop/presentation by Don McKenzie, Organisational Lifecycle-Predicting Future Success Today!


Everything has a lifecycle. Stars have a lifecycle of billions of years. Some fruit flies have a lifecycle of a few days. 

By understanding the organisational lifecycle, business owners and executives can separate normal problems from abnormal problems, and focus their efforts on moving up the organisational lifecycle to a position of "Prime" and be closer to a star than a fruit fly. 

Presented by Don McKenzie, Don shares experience from his success and failures to provide a road map that is immediately actionable. 

Don's experience includes building companies organically in different parts of the world in diverse industries, acquisitions, and listing one of his groups becoming the youngest managing director of an ASX listed company at the time. But it wasn't all smooth sailing, and Don honestly shares a number of failures and what you can learn from them. 

Restaurant and Function Room, Brisbane TAFE
Level 2, Block C, 66 Ernest Street, South Brisbane QLD

More information 1300 728 260 or 07 3816 2255 or

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Small Business Week

$0.00 Member

$35.00 Public

More information re Queensland Small Business Week at



Wednesday 12th April 5.30 to 7.00pm


ISO9001 Interpretation and Implementation

Discuss ISO9001:Clause 8.6 Release of Products and Services

Pieter Eenink leads the discussion

Where: Newnham Hotel, Newnham Road, UPPER MOUNT GRAVATT

Register at

29th March



8 March 2017

Meetup ISO9001:2015 Interpretation and Interpret ion

Discuss Clause 8.5 Production and Service Provision

Meetup Leader Iris Byfield

More information

25 November 2016

World Quality Month Conference

Agile Leadership, Leadership, Innovation and Business Improvement- addressing innovation, growth and opportunity in this time of description and uncertainty

9th November 2016

AGM Australian Organisation for Quality-Queensland Inc

Maree Adshead, Director Open Data Institute Queensland
"Open Data/Metadata"

There is much conversation and debate doing the rounds these days about smart cities, open innovation, big data, open data... what does it really mean and how does it impact us and our customers?

Guest presenter Maree Adshead, founding CEO of the Open Data Institute Queensland joined us to help cut through the jargon and provide a clear understanding of what it means, what the opportunities are, and how to get involved.

Data is a resource which increases in value the more it is re-used and re-purposed. Opening and sharing that data has become a growing global movement encouraging organisations, particularly governments, to share data freely and openly, to drive transparency and innovation.

Some useful web sites are:

Some useful links in the ODI website are:

  • training (scroll down for the free training modules)

  • where to find data

  • tools to use, prepare and display data

  • to subscribe to the news posts on our website, you can sign up on the right hand side of this page. This will send an alert to your inbox about upcoming events, projects, and other related data news that ODI shares with their community.


Maree is the founding CEO of the Open Data Institute Queensland (ODI Queensland).

Globally it is the ODI’s mission to connect, equip and inspire people around the world to innovate with data.

ODI Queensland, now in its second year, is already recognised not just within Queensland, but nationally and internationally, as a leader in bringing business, industry, academia and government together to utilise government data as a strategic resource.

Maree’s career began in the legal profession, as partner of a tier one national law firm. 10 years later, Maree co-founded a software start-up which achieved great success and which was the recipient of multiple awards for excellence in innovation.

Maree has held a number of industry representative roles including past Chair of the Technology Council of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) and past Chair of the Queensland branch of the Australian Information Industry Association Queensland (AIIA). Both roles have enabled many opportunities to promote the economic value and benefits of smart adoption of technology. Maree is a regular contributor to various advisory boards.

In 2012 Maree received the prestigious Women in Technology ICT Outstanding Achievement Award which recognises the achievements of outstanding women within Queensland’s ICT industries and was delighted to be the 2015 Patron of TechGirls are Superheros.

See the Presentation Here


Thursday 25 August

Something different this month:

Joint Meeting with AME

Schneider Electric Site Visit

8.30 am to 12.00 noon
Schneider Electric
80 Schneider Road
Eagle Farm

AME Site visits are a great opportunity to ‘learn by seeing’ and ensure you experience ‘hands on’ tools and skills to take back to your workplace. This tour will inform participants on Schneider Electric Recloser Manufacturing Plant Lean journey.

Join AME on a tour through Schneider’s Welding, Assembly and Electrical Testing area. The tour will cover all aspects of Lean that have been implemented in the plant including Kanban, U-shaped cells, WIP reduction/ control, lead-time reduction, material provision concepts, one-piece-flow and kaizen.

Wednesday 27th July 2016

Gold Award for Business Excellence 2016 Presentation Evening

Gold Award for Business Excellence Award Presentation 27 July 2016

What a great evening! Christmas in July food and beverages as well as two thought provoking presenters and the award of the Gold Award for Business Excellence 2016.

Gold Award Vic Winner 2016


AOQ-QLD Chairman Len Mahon presents IXOM's Lidya Paulina with the Victorian Gold Award for Business Excellence Award for Micro Organisations in the Private for Profit Sector

Gold Award 2016 Nat

A very happy Lidya Paulina shows off IXOM's Emergency Response Service Australian Gold Award for Business Excellence Award

Ixom’s Emergency Response Service (ERS) is ISO 9001:2008 certified to provide advice and coordination via telephone in the management of emergency incidents involving the products and facilities of client companies. We strive to rapidly bring emergency situations under control, while minimising any associated impacts.

With over 30 years of experience, the ERS provides coverage for a broad range of materials and activities. All ERS Coordinators are either industrial chemists or chemical engineers specifically trained in and dedicated to emergency response.

Our holistic approach means that we effectively manage and coordinate all aspects of an emergency in order to minimise overall impact on our clients’ businesses.

The ERS provides critical support in:

  • human and animal exposures
  • leaks and spills
  • transport incidents
  • site incidents
  • security incidents
  • fires
  • technical or health advice
  • stockouts
  • crisis management
  • adverse event reporting

Presentation were made by Christina Dean at Uniforte and Steven Bryant QMI Solutions

Dean and Bryant

Christina Dean spoke about the development of the Diploma of Organisational Change Management, the evolution of Organisational Change Management as a Management system, the latest Legislative imperatives driving organisational compliance, and how to apply these principles in the workplace.


Steven Bryant introduced a very useful tool for small business trying to determine the hidden value of their business. there are 18 CoreValue drivers – the “intangible” drivers behind any business. CoreValue helps a company understand, explore, manage and monitor each driver, in great detail, starting with a high-level assessment, then delving much deeper.

Keynote Presentation:
Quality Standards in Organisational Change Management
View at Dean-Quality-Standards.pdf

Change Management is arguably the most complex Management discipline, yet it has been round for longer than the wheel. 

Australian Legislation for Organisational Governance, Human Resource Management and Workplace Health and Safety fields have all been updated in recent years to embrace the rapid, widely and constantly-encountered change in organisational and community life. 

Having outlived the ‘touchy-feely’ tag, Organisational Change Management is of multidisciplinary relevance and fertile ground for Consultants wishing to improve client outcomes.  The Legislative imperatives provide the opportunity to address the underlying reasons why organisational and project failures result in downward spiralling financial returns.   They also support the often difficult conversation to address the underlying causes of employee disengagement, resultant social isolation and workplace-derived mental health issues.  Change Management capability and capacity is a must have for organisations wishing to remain relevant and to enhance and retain workplace engagement, innovation and sustainability.

This presentation provides an overview of the evolution of Organisational Change Management as a Management system, the latest Legislative imperatives driving organisational compliance, and how to apply these principles in the workplace.

Christina Dean is Managing Director and chief cook and bottle washer at Uniforte Pty Ltd..

She is also the innovator and author of the Australian National Competency Standards in Organisational Change Management, Australia’s first Diploma of Organisational Change Management and RIMER Managing Successful Change Methodology that underpins the Standards.

Her determination to lift standards of the experience and outcomes of change has strongly contributed to the adoption of improved Change Management practices globally.

Christina became infatuated with organisational change management during her Master of Business Administration studies in the 1990’s although it didn’t have a label then -  while she supported 700 long term unemployed people restore their lives, and while searching for the  answers to a successful life for herself.

More grey than blond now, she’ll share tonight’s presentation with you for your benefit and that of your significant others; your clients.

Quantify the hidden value within your business View at Bryant-Core-Value.pdf
Steven Bryant, QMI Solutions

Let’s face it. Financial spreadsheets look backwards. They paint a picture of what happened.  But they are rarely helpful when it comes time to measure the real value of a company looking forward.  They cannot, for instance, put a value on vital, but intangible aspects such as a company’s market share, its brand, its ingenuity, its goodwill, or contracts with customers and vendors.

In all, there are 18 CoreValue drivers – the “intangible” drivers behind any business. CoreValue helps a company understand, explore, manage and monitor each driver, in great detail, starting with a high-level assessment, then delving much deeper. CoreValue communicates the company’s status relative to each driver, its overall status, and suggests appropriate tasks to improve performance, Enterprise Value and enable strategic planning.

Steve Bryant is a highly-experienced, strategic and tactical B2B professional with specific experience working with manufacturing and engineering industries, and in delivering government policy.
With over 15 years marketing experience with demonstrable skills in strategic marketing, branding, media/PR, digital marketing, and team leadership. Steve has added business strategy to his areas of expertise which includes stakeholder relations and industry partnerships.

He has MBA-accredited qualifications in Executive Leadership and has recently embarked on a Board career.

Thursday June 23, 2016
Mark Shaw, Neosnr
Performance Management and "The 2% Effect"

Managing staff performance is a challenging job for many professional people-but it does have to be.

Managers are required to use overly complicated policies, processes and products that are often designed for dealing with difficult employee situations. The unintended consequences are that they

a are not very helpful when trying to deal with difficulty employees and

b they are a massive timer waster for everyone else doing the right thing.

This is The 2% Effect.

We want to share a plan on how to turn it around.

The presentation will:

a Demonstrate how to replace complicated, detailed procedural driven Performance Management Systems with simpler, clearer and easy-to-follow ones.

b Discuss how to successfully resolve poor performance issues while removing the risk of poor process and poor outcomes.

c Demonstrate how to increase employee engagement that will lead to improved workplace productivity.

Mark Shaw has over 17 years success in assisting organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to improve the performance of their staff.`


He has helped many organisation to understand and resolve the 2% effect. and its negative impact on engagement and performance.


His simple and best [practice approach to HR helps boost business results.


Wednesday May 18, 2016


3D Printing Workshop and Demonstration
3D Printing in Health
Stephanie Piper, Doctoral Student, QUT

Piper 2016

Additive Manufacturing is a fast paced, exciting and rapidly expanding industry. The direction of research in the health industry will dramatically change our approach to treatment, allowing targeted, personalised medicine.

My research is in tissue engineering, and 3D printable, biodegradable scaffolds for implantation in breast reconstruction. As well as detailing my research, I’ll explain the current landscape in the 3D printing industry, local Brisbane businesses and services and how they can assist you.” All going well, Stephanie will have a working unit for you to see in action.

This was a registered 2016 Queensland Small Business Week (16-21 May) event.
View the Presentation Here


10th March

One of the 2015 Winners for Queensland.


Bruce Smith, Senior Gold Award Assessor will discuss the Gold Award experience.

The Gold Award benefits organisations, industries and the community at large, by promoting and recognising organisations committed to achieving Organisational Success through Best Practice.

The Gold Award for Business Excellence is designed to provide evidence of Organisational Excellence.

The Gold Award is run on a State level; State Gold Awardees automatically become eligible to win the National Gold Award for their category.

The Gold Award focuses on:

• The awareness of the continual business improvement process and underlying principles for achieving competitiveness and organisational success; and

• An understanding of all the requirements for business excellence.

17th February 2016

Quality in Integrity
Lindy Chen, ChinaDirect Sourcing Services

In our line of business, quality is synonymous to integrity.  We have an unflagging commitment to transparency in all that we do for our clients. From the large corporations to the stay-at-home mums who engage our services, they all rely on our word and work to know that their investments are safe. We make sure that the importers we serve are getting the best products at the prices they want.

We consider our clients’ aspirations, ours as well. We give each of them their deserved attention and offer tailor-made solutions. Our clients trust us like they do a friend.

More than just doing business, our work brings greater understanding between two proud cultures. We derive our greatest satisfaction in helping Australian and Chinese businesses big and small, flourish and grow together in a relationship that is remarkable in its efficiency and collaborative spirit.

Chen1 Chen2

Quality in Integrity.

A very well received presentation and discussion from a self made person who relies on quality in every aspect of her business to thrive in the import from and export to China.

View the Presentation Here

10th December, 2015


EXPRESSWAY, designed for innovators and start-ups as a networking and knowledge transfer group meets monthly from February to December at Microsoft House.

EXPRESSWAY had its Christmas Break-up on 13 December with about 100 attendees including President Clowes and your CEO. The pic at left was taken during the case study. Who is the white haired gentleman nearest the camera?

3rd December 2015

Christmas Break-Up
Geographic Mapping
Putri Shintodewi, Inovasi

What is it?

Why do I need to know?

Because it can assist you to determine where your potential customers are at the press of a button.

Where are the less known services centres, manufacturing nodes, health services? Where do entrepreneurs congregate?


  • ·       Geospatial science – brief introduction about geographic information systems
  • ·       Data mapping and visualisation – how data mapping and visualisation is different from viewing data using charts and graphs
  • ·       What data can be plotted and where to find them – public/open, shared and private data
  • ·       Examples of geospatial applications for business – healthcare, retail, tourism

2nd September 2015

Neuroscience of Leadership

Diane Harner

Wow! What a great presentation. Everyone was enthralled for the full presentation time. The meal was excellent.

Watch this space and the training pages for 1/2 day and full day training programs on this very important and topical subject.

Business Leaders today are under ever-increasing pressure to make effective decisions, be innovative, strategic and connect with, and grow, their people in a constantly changing marketplace. Revenues are continuously increasing, but the resource available to achieve these revenues is not. It is imperative that we equip our leaders and managers with the skillset required to navigate this environment and build high performance teams that are empowered, engaged, motivated and resilient. In short, we need to grow our business by growing our people at all levels of the organisation.

Diane will give insights into how the brain works with regards to its organizing principle and how this affects our decision making and problem solving, how we can regulate our emotions, and how the brain can change itself to adopt new behaviours and skills. Diane will introduce the concept of “neuroleadership” and “brain based coaching” and give an overview of how these strategies can develop our leaders to coach staff for peak performance with the brain in mind.

29th July

Get LinkedIn or Get Locked Out
Phillip Hay

What a great evening!. 19 people attended Christmas in July and listed to a very knowledgeable presentation on LinkedIn for business.

LinkedIn is your online professional brand and identity. Much, much more than just an online resume, LinkedIn is a strategic business tool

Hay 2015Hay2015b

7th July 2015

Gold Awards for Business Excellence Dinner

4th June 2015

The Power of Parallel Thinking

Bill Jarrard

Parallel Thinking as demonstrated by using tools such Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats® provides an easy and powerful framework that changes the way people think. It promotes the kind of creative thinking and innovative problem-solving vital to success in today's changing world.  The methods are easy to learn and use - yet these simple tools have a real and powerful effect on thinking. Teams that apply parallel thinking are able to:

  • foster collaborative thinking and interaction by keeping egos in check
  • use several different way of thinking so that people don't get trapped by judgement in their thinking
  • develop a framework for thinking that provides a more open, creative climate for discussion
  • make time for creative thinking to develop alternative and innovative solutions
  • run more effective and productive meetings

1st April, 2015

The future of operations management - how to improve the performance of complex operations

Paul Moynagh, Fewzion

The arts of war and professional sport have led the way in managing large groups of people to "safely" deliver exceptional results. Paul will discuss how it is now easier than ever to connect plans with reality to improve performance by:
- Visualizing the way the work will unfold so you can catch problems long before they occur.
- See what's happening in real time when you can't see the work.

- Improve productivity by giving managers, engineers, foremen and supervisors the tools they need to see the plan and ensure it gets done each day

Read the Presentation (9 Mb file)

18 February, 2015

Tomorrow's Solutions, TODAY

Michael Morrow

Tomorrow's Solutions TODAY include Lean Management.

What is Lean Management all about and how can it help me improve the way I do business?

Also known as Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office or Lean Healthcare depending on the industry, Lean Management has made significant savings in commerce and industry.

What is it all about?

“Customer Value” means understanding what is important to your customer, and that adds to the value of product or service to their customers. 

Activities that don’t add value are regarded as “waste” and are actively eliminated or reduced through continuous improvement initiatives.

The 8 Wastes are identified, discussed and tools provided to reduce their impact.

Lean tools will be introduced in the presentation, such as:

  • Value Stream Mapping,
  • 5S,
  • Visual Management and
  • Standard Work.

Read More (4Mb File)


24 November, 2014

World Quality Month Mini-Conference Quality is Back-Back to Quality

29th October, 2014

Small Business Workshop

Engagement 101 – The True Cost of Doing Nothing

Alan Slater, Business Dynamics

A great Discussion centred on The “GOLDEN CIRCLE” – engagement…

  • What IS “engagement”? AND what it’s NOT!!!
  • So how do we measure our starting point for engagement?
  • What is the REAL cost of doing nothing?
  • So is doing nothing a real or viable option for most businesses?
  • So what CAN we do – quick, easy and NOT expensive ways to start…
  • How do we measure progress?

August 20, 2014

How to protect your intellectual property from cybercrime and how to meet your privacy requirements

Roger Smith, R & ICT Consulting

* a history of crime and technology in crime,
* what the criminals are after,
* why everyone is a target,
* why there is no such thing as being too small,
* why we need to protect both businesses and ourselves.
* How to protect information using readily available cost effective processes and systems

August 7, 2014

How to not be “fooled by randomness

Francois van der Walt

Variation or “Randomness” is an inherent part of any measurement. Presented with reports that do not show variation, organisations and individuals typically have to make decisions disregarding uncertainty. Without access to the principles and techniques presented in this talk, it is easy to be fooled by randomness.

Because variation is seen to be problematic, it is sometimes ignored. In an effort to summarise (performance) measurements, variation is often not even incorporated in the reports. Organisations can find themselves spending unnecessary time investigating results that in fact are insignificant, and missing real improvement opportunities.

The solution to this common dilemma is the implementation of behaviour charts. Interpreting these charts is surprisingly easy because behaviour charts make use of the remarkable ability that humans have to interpret pictures and recognise patterns. Implementing the analysis is easy too, when you have the right tools and techniques.

Read More

June 5, 2014

Privacy Legislation and You! 5th June

Alana Elliot, McKays Solicitors

Significant changes to Australia’s privacy laws commenced on 12 March 2014. Businesses that in any way deal with personal information must comply with these changes or risk penalties of up to $1.7 million for breaches by corporations and up to $340,000 for breaches by individuals. Learn about the challenges and opportunities arising from the new privacy framework, including:
•           the impact of the reforms on cross border data disclosure and the use of direct marketing communications;
•           changes to the credit reporting system;
•           enhanced powers of the Commissioner; and
•           steps that you can take to ensure you fully meet your obligations under the new laws.

Read More

May 14, 2014

Effective process-based auditing and the differences to compliance auditing

Mark Grovenor, SAI Global Assurance Services

We often make reference to “compliance” and “process-based” auditing but not everyone understands the difference and why each is relevant. Mark is a practical auditor and acknowledges that there are many approaches to auditing management systems. He will use his knowledge and experience to provide his thoughts on:
  • The various auditing methodologies and the value that each might provide.
  • 2nd party and 3rd party auditing.
  • Vertical auditing and horizontal auditing.
  • Auditing effectiveness.
  • Auditor attributes as reflected in the ISO-17021 series.

Read More

April 3, 2014

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Changes

Bruce Smith

ISO will make changes to 9001 and 14001 for its 2015 versions. The changes to 14001 are significant and will affect all auditors as well as organisations. These changes are in line with ISO 17021.2. ISO 17021 requires Environmental auditors to understand the operation of test equipment as well as have knowledge of ISO 14001.

27 February, 2014

Social Media makes CENTS
Phillip Hay

Social media… two simple words that can mean many different things. On the surface, social media is two-way online communication, but dig deeper and you’ll soon discover a whole new world of business tools for engaging your customers, low and no cost marketing opportunities, and sales lead generation. Learn about:
  • the difference between Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter… when, why and how to use what
  • driving traffic to your social media pages and their relationship with your website
  • keeping your audiences engaged and coming back for more
  • turning that interest into caring, sharing and sales
  • developing social media frameworks and strategies
  • helpful dos and don’ts, traps, tricks and trends.
Learn how social media can take your business to the next level.

Read the Presentation

6th February, 2014

Josephine Thomson

Neuroscience of leadership through change: Cutting edge insights for Auditors on capitalising on change

Change management is becoming one of the biggest challenges in any workplace. Josie will present important insights on how auditors can harness the power of the brain to be more effective leaders, business owners, change agents, consultants, coaches, and/or mentors, and how to be more productive and seize the opportunities that change presents.

Read the Presentation

20h November, 2013

Trade Show and Christmas Break-Up

The Knowledge of Power

Integrated Energy Management (IEM) is based on the concept of a practical, common sense approach to corporate sustainability. Our methodology to this challenge is a unique blend of technology and education. Through our work as sustainability providers we have come to realise that the effective management of energy is both the biggest challenge and the greatest opportunity for business today.

Read the Presentation

Cloud Based Integrated Management System

Quality Systems Group helps organisations Australia wide to minimise the cost of managing compliance standards like quality, health & safety and environmental management (QHSE).  This is achieved through our cloud compliance software, which is a total integrated management system.

Read the Presentation

10th October, 2013-Melbourne

Leaning Into Disruption
Tathra Street, Awesomeness Coach and Facilitator

Rapid societal and technological change is disruptive, and we anticipate resistance. Whether we're training managers on a new business process, implementing a culture change program or simply adapting to a new POS system, we expect to be disrupted and we expect adversity.  As times change, a new way of doing business is subtly gaining legitimacy. Command and control is on it's way out, simply telling people what to do and expecting them to do it is losing traction. Opening ourselves up and leaning into these disruptive changes sounds down right unappealing, yet the unexpected outcomes are exactly what we're after.  Learn some new techniques and approaches to training and implementation that result in greater adoption and less resistance.  Learn how: 
  • creating 'pull' can minimise resistance in 'push' approaches
  • experiential learning enlivens trainings
  • to bring high engagement and robustness into your programs and processes 
  • gaining commitment brings long term change, where obligation causes resistance

3rd October, 2013

Safety fundamentals for project sites

Jim Buxton, Safety Director

The recent harmonisation of the Safety Acts in Australia has brought little change to the requirements for safety on project sites in some States yet the delivery of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission’s first decision against the model WHS laws is a good reminder that companies need to regularly review their practices. All projects are unique and the project stakeholders need to determine the appropriateness and degree of applicability of the tasks and safety procedures to their particular project. Jim Buxton will explore some best practices for safety on project sites and discuss some innovative solutions that simplify the processes yet still meet all requirements of the act.

Read the Presentation

19 September, 2013 Brisbane

Ian Heathwood, McKays Solicitors

Minimising employment risks – a crucial part of continuous business improvement

Managing employment risks is a challenge for every business.  For those who are committed to continuous business improvement, it is essential, particularly given the current workplace laws. Ian Heathwood, of McKays Solicitors, who advises businesses on employment law issues every day, will take you through some of the challenges facing businesses and suggest solutions to help you avoid the risks involved in engaging workers, their management through their time with you and on their departure. Ian’s presentation will include many examples from cases he has had and from his experience as an employer of more than 25 years.

Read the Presentation

8th August, Melbourne

Successful Programs

Peter McDonald, Telstra

What makes Programs fail, what makes them successful?

He covered:

  • ·         A strategic review of industries that sustainable success has been achieved
  • ·         What are the competitive forces that ensure sustainability?
  • ·         The changing balance of management and leadership: manage the work and motivate the employees
  • ·         Hiding behind “Theory”
  • ·         The importance of accountability
  • ·         Remuneration and reward policies
  • ·         Succession planning
  • ·         Fixes that fail
  • ·         Education, Training and Skills
  • ·         Where to now?

Read the Presentation-Be patient this is a large file

July 24 - Christmas in July

Growing Effective Change Catalysers
Karen Schmidt, Lets Grow
Co-Hosts AOQ-QLD, LSS Division, The Southbank Business School. Part of the Queensland Small Business Week

Working in organisational change is challenging. You can have the best systems and good intentions but if you can’t get other people on board with the idea then the seeds you plant will not go on to produce fruit. Instead, all that happens is frustration grows and good opportunities wither and die. So how do you inspire other people to do the work that is required to make change programs take root and thrive? In this interactive series of mini sessions delivered over dinner learn some simple yet effective tips that will help you to inspire others to make change programs come to life!
  • Giving people the tools they need to take action that won’t break their back or their spirit
  • Helping people picture the end result in a way that stimulates their desires
  • Tapping into discretionary effort by understanding what motivates people to act
  • Removing with the barriers that get in the path of change
Read the Presentation

June 19, 2013 Brisbane

Jennine Tax, Cariblue, Excelling As A Leader Today and Tomorrow

Jennine talks about leadership, understanding our different leadership roles, the importance of  being a good leader and inspiring others to follow.  Do you understand the responsibilities of your different leadership roles – Board, Directors, CEO, Management, Stakeholders, Sponsors, Champions, Community, Not for Profit, Industry, Family? Often, you may have multiple leadership roles – how do you handle changing hats and making sure you are carrying out all your roles? What about family and intergenerational leaders? What are stumbling blocks to look out for on the journey? How do your followers see you as a leader? Do you have to always lead from the front? For an inspiring evening, join Sarah for a practical discussion about excelling as a leader from someone who does this in multiple roles each day.

Read the Presentation

Brisbane 15th May, 2013
Joint Meeting with Lean Six Sigma Division

Restaurants: the sliver and the big assumptions, Duncan Cross, SEQWater

  • At some point every organisation asks itself How well are we performing our processes? and there are many frameworks and methods out there that attempt to answer this question, ABEF and various industry benchmarking tools, like WSAAs Aquamark, readily come to mind.
  • While these methods certainly have their place and have many useful attributes they tend to be top-down, provide a single whole-of-business score, are too infrequent and/or are overly complex.
  • What is needed is something that is simple, robust, equally applicable to any function in any business, and it must answer the next big question, How well should we be performing our processes?.

Brisbane - Tuesday 30 April, 2013

Leadership & Change - What Should Senior Management Do To Lead Change? Rob Boyle MEng (Mech), MBA

Having led and facilitated customer service and quality improvement processes in over 20 countries, Rob shared his insight on how senior management can lead change processes in large network environments.

Wednesday 20th March, 2013

Launch Gold Award for Business Excellence 2013

Gold Award

Global Certification
Global Mark
Service Transformation

The Gold Award for Business Excellence benefits organisations, industries and the community at large, by promoting and recognising organisations committed to achieving Organisational Success through Best Practice. The Gold Award assesses the level of implementation of the eight critical elements necessary for excellence and sound organisational management The Gold Award for Business Excellence is a highly regarded and sought after award for businesses that aspire to excellence. Compare yourself with your peers. A Gold Award for Business Excellence is an excellent marketing tool.

Wednesday 20 February, 2013

Strategic Planning and Deployment through Lean Visual Management, Michael McLean

Topic: Strategic Planning and Deployment through Lean Visual Management


  • What disturbs your thinking - External environment - PESTEL [Prof M Wheatley]
  • Industry Competitiveness - [Prof M Porter '6 Forces' update]
  • IBIS World Industry Statistical data, trend and analysis [Source: Enterprise Connect]
  • Dept IISRTE Enterprise Connect - SCIP Business and Manufacturing Excellence Assessments and funding rebates [other BE Models and Benchmarks]
  • ‘Blue/Red Oceans’ and '3 Horizons' Strategies


  • Differentiation Strategies - Lowest Cost, Best Process and Customer Intimacy
  • Organisation Core Strength assessments – SW [Internal] OT [External] Analysis
  • Strategic Intents in a Business 'Plans on a Page'
  • Metrics, measures and KPIs in scorecards; dashboards and 'Beach balls'


  • Mapping Stakeholders needs and expectations
  • Lean Deployment Matrices and Plans
  • Lean Visual Management Systems and Metrics with PDCA, PDSA, DMAIC, 8D
  • People Development and Engagement in Change OD interventions

Thursday 6th September, 2012

Organisational Resilience - Adding Value Through Managing Risk, Disaster and Continuity Planning

Bill Bryant, Senior Risk Analyst, Ergon Energy

There are many philosophies and theories regarding what it takes to be a successful business manager and leader.  However, one trait is quickly emerging that helps us to determine what constitutes an unsuccessful leader and that is - failing to create and maintain a resilient organisation. But what is Resilience and how can managers use it to create success?  Can it be the difference between winning and losing in business?  Why are we hearing the term “Organisational Resilience” so much these days?  What can it do for me as a manager and leader when I have a thousand and one things already on my “to do” list? This presentation will use case studies to demonstrate the concept of Organisational Resilience and show the role that specific disciplines, such as Risk Management, Emergency Response and Business Continuity, have in developing a resilient organisation and what that in turn offers to the Senior Executives and the Board.

Wednesday 18th July, 2012

Changes to Auditing Standards ISO 19011 and ISO/IEC 17021

Geoff Brundle, Client Manager, JAS-ANZ

A number of changes were made to both 19011 and 17021 in 2010. Many clauses from 19011 have been incorporated into 17021 View this presentation at

Tuesday 19 June -Australian Consumer Legislation

Agata Rusin, Education & Engagement Manager Queensland, Australian Competition & Consumer Commission

Topics covered:
What is ACCC and what is its Role
Consumer Guarantees
Unfair Contracts
Misleading and Deceptive Conduct
Unconscionable Conduct
View this presentation at

Thursday 7 June - Joint Meeting with Energy & Sustainability Division

Pencils, beers, bath plugs and profits – how sustainability can improve your business!

John Quinn, Director Sustainable Industries Programs,Queensland Department of Environment Heritage Protection

A good sustainability strategy can reduce operating costs, attract new customers and improve business profitability.  Find out how businesses have done this and learn about a Roadmap which shows you where and how to start. View this presentation at:

18th April

Work, Health and Safety Act 2011-Repeat

Thilini Widanagamage, Senior Policy Officer with the Policy Branch of Workplace Health and Safety Queensland - Department of Justice and Attorney-General

A full house (and some turn-a ways) were treated to a very professional and knowledgable discussion of the harmonised Law and the differences to the previous Workplace Health and Safety legislation. View the presentation at

21st March
Carbon Price Claims-Guide for Business

Agata Rusin, Education & Engagement Manager Queensland, Australian Competition & Consumer Commission

The purpose of this presentation is to assist you to understand your rights and obligations as a business operator when making claims about the impact of a carbon price. It focuses on prohibitions against misleading, deceptive or false claims under the Australian Consumer Law (the ACL) – part of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) (the Act). View the Presentation at

Wednesday 15th February, 2012
Work, Health and Safety Act 2011

Thilini Widanagamage, Senior Policy Officer with the Policy Branch of Workplace Health and Safety Queensland - Department of Justice and Attorney-General

A full house (and some turn-a ways) were treated to a very professional and knowledgable discussion of the harmonised Law and the differences to the previous Workplace Health and Safety legislation. View the presentation at

Monday 15th November 2011 Gold Coast Regional Group

Integrated Management Systems

Mike Harris

What a superb presentation. The presentation started with a description of an IMS.  A case study was used to show how risk management can be used to integrate effectively the quality, environment and safety requirements of ISO standards into a single system, which results in a holistic set of documents making the process efficient and less time consuming .  Using this technique makes it easier to implement management systems and thus comply to the ISO standards to achieve and maintain certification. View the presentation at

Thursday 3rd November, 2011

The Carbon Tax and Responsible  Business

Peter Greenham

The Carbon Tax is now a given. Small business will be affected in the future with higher costs. However, these can be mitigated against by reducing energy consumption. View the presentation at:

Tuesday 16th August, 2011

Risks to Manufacturing Business!

Lisa Bateson

When people had lost sight of the 'critical processes' aspect of a management system (quality, safety, or environment), they tended to abandon their accreditations, dump ISO, and rubbish the Australian Standard.

Now, there are a few businesses rediscovering the importance of process improvement and how the traditional inspection or audit activities can contribute positively to the cost of goods sold and the bottom line.

No longer should a Risk Management System be regarded as a cost or a necessary evil, but as an operating system and enterprise standard for the future of the business in perpetuity.

View the presentation at:

Wednesday 18th May, 2011

Integrated Management Systems

Mike Harris

What a superb presentation. The presentation started with a layman’s description of an IMS.  A case study was used to show how the quality, environment and safety requirements of ISO standards can be effectively integrated into a single system, which results in a holistic set of documents making it easier.  Using this technique makes it easier to implement management systems and thus comply to the ISO standards to achieve and maintain certification. On top of this we enjoyed a four-course meal prepared and waitered by TAFE student restaurateurs. View the presentation at

Thursday 7th April, 2011

Simon Stodart

A great meeting and fabulous food. Simon Stodart spoke of the building requirements and their environmental impacts to 2030. He also discussed the many opportunities in Singapore for Australian organisations following the green revolution. Sustain Ability Showcase Asia (SASA) brings to Singapore and showcases global applications of sustainable products, services, clean technologies, businesses and people. It presents, promotes and makes these accessible and available to Governments, businesses, organisations and communities in Asia, through Singapore as the Asia-based Eco Hub.

Wednesday 20th April, 2011

Craig Belcher, Uniquest

discussed the development and commercialisation of a bright idea. This was an interesting insight into the difficulties of achieving success, but a really good idea that View the presentation at

The Pursuit of Quality

The pursuit of quality is about achieving excellence in all facets of a particular activity, be it business, culture, sport, health, education or government. It involves firms, organisations and individuals having a clear and coherent vision of their goals and strategies. It also involves strong organisational leadership and positive management attitudes to both workforce and customer alike.

AOQ-QLD® provides the business community with knowledge, expertise and assistance with integrating their management systems ("top down") including the legal requirements of governance and ethics, the regulated systems eg WHS/OHS (Workplace Health and Safety/Occupational Health and Safety), and environmental as well as quality, energy (energy conservation), risk, knowledge, continuity, auditing and compliance.


Kambouris, Peter, Beyond the Canary (5Mb File)
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