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AOQ-QLD provides the community, members and clients with:

on industry trends and issues. The head office of AOQ-QLD is in Brisbane but operates in all States.

Progressing Business
The Progressing Business Institute publishes a national ezine, the official Journal of the Australian Organisation for Quality (Queensland) Incorporated (AOQ-QLD® which examines and reports on key issues concerning Quality, Risk, WHS, HR, Organisational Health, Personnel Health, Environment, Knowledge, Ethics and Governance in Australia and abroad.

Conferences conducted for AOQ-QLD by Progressing Business Institute
Australian National conferences are held annually - Visit:,,,

International Quality Conferences

Local Conferences
Each Division has the opportunity to conduct specialist conference annually. The Divisions are managed by the Progressing Business Institute Limited

Courses on quality management related issues are held regularly.

Gold Award
The Gold Award for Excellence in management in third party certified organisation is conducted annually on a national basis.

Support and Guidance
AOQ-QLD® provides the support you need to develop, maintain and improve your systems. AOQ-QLD® manages a register of qualified and experienced auditors and consultants in a range of disciplines (eg Quality, WH&S, Environment, Risk) who can provide the support you need.
They are available for either short or long-term contracts. (minimum period - four hours). More info contact or 07 3816 2255.

Registers for Professionals
AOQ-QLD® maintains a number of registers for practising professional as follows:
Auditor-Quality Management and Environmental
Auditor-Management Systems Auditor Register
Certified Practicing Energy Auditor Register
Lean Six Sigma Professionals

Networking Opportunities
Business Directions Member and Friends Evenings are held Cliftons, 288 Edward Street, Brisbane, usually on 1st Thursday and 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Breakfast Meetings are conducted regularly in Brisbane.

Divisions are grouping of individuals with like interests. Aerospace, Aged Care, Entrepreneur, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices , Lean Six Sigma

Regional Groups are groupings of individuals in regions. Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Gladstone, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Toowoomba.

Interstate Groups are groupings of individuals in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth and Sydney

Career Opportunities
Visit Career Opportunities for positions available through AOQ.

Contact to confirm or send us your email address to be reminded regularly of AOQ events and training programmes.

Struggling with performance measurement?
"mezhermnt" Handy Hints is a FREE monthly e-zine for people in public and private sector organisations who want to know the SECRETS of making performance measurement easier. It is produced by business performance measurement specialist, Stacey Barr. Sign up now at to receive a special bonus performance measurement article: 'Are you underestimating the performance measurement effort?'

Career/Recruitment Opportunities
Special AOQ-QLD offer! If you need to recruit staff, or you know someone in your business who does, you can help yourself and AOQ by going to career opportunities for more information.

Other Benefits: AOQ-QLD®

  1. Promotes the quality industry through Government and other industry bodies in Australia and internationally, and lobbies as required on behalf of the industry.
  2. Raises awareness and consciousness of quality issues and maintains the vitality of the industry.
  3. Has affiliations with a wide network of quality organisations, nationally & internationally
  4. Enables personal recognition for outstanding contributions to the industry through the prestigiousMJ Ahern Award.
  5. Provides access to current knowledge and ways of thinking on topical issues through our website, with both national and international links.
  6. Member Discount on all AOQ-QLD® training and professional development courses and web based access to training course providers.
  7. Representation on Standards Committees on quality matters. to interact with MBA students at various Universitie
  8. Opportunities s in Queensland and Victoria.
  9. Opportunities to share your knowledge with industry personnel as an AOQ trainer.

More information, phone 07 3816 2255 or 041 977 2926 or

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