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Griffith University Industry Affiliates Program (IAP)

In the IAP industry affiliates accept final year students for a pre-determined and approved industry project supervised by industry and assessed for University purposes by University academics.

AOQ-QLD has completed a successful IAP in second semester 2014. Three projects were sponsored.

Develop online training module from existing material-Maurice Keithley

Major achievement: Development of three online units for the Certificate in Quality Technology.

Develop and implement a Human Services Portal-Roshan Saru Magar.

Major achievement: The re-organisation of the AOQ-QLD website to one that is accessible on all major devices and opens in a variety of browsers.

Develop and implement a Gold Award Business Plan for 2015-Nita Balsari.

Major achievement: Business Plan for the Gold Award project 2015

The three projects were completed to AOQ's satisfaction and provided benefits to the organisation

IAP 2014

Griffith University

IAP Students Semester 2, 2014 Left to Right

Roshan Saru Magar

Nita Balsari

Maurice Keightley

Aims of the programme

AOQ-QLD® (Australian Organisation for Quality Queensland Inc aims to influence the undergraduate and postgraduate students in our Universities that Quality Management in all its facets is a significant pre-requisite to business excellence.

In this context we approach students in the Sciences, Engineering, Business and Food Technology.

Each year AOQ-QLD® nurtures these arrangements by providing presenters and mentors to the "experts from Industry" programs that each university undertakes. AOQ-QLD® also provides prizes for the best project that has a quality component and prizes for a project with an auditing component.

The winning group in each semester is required to make a presentation to the members when they receive their prize.



AOQ-QLD® sponsored and provided presenters, mentors and judges to the Griffith Innovation Challenge through its lifetime. The following members have been involved:

Mike Harris, Wendy Free, Narelle Stratford, Mario Pennisi, Kevin Mulholland, Lee Robinson and Len Mahon.

  • In 2007, the winning group for the Griffith Innovation Challenge was Hope4Health, a Griffith University Medical students not-for-profit organisation that provides activities for medical students and the medical fraternity on the Gold Coast as well as raise funds for charities.
  • In 2008, the winning Group was Lion Robotics,
  • In 2009 it was BCLV (using the G-Spot brand)
  • In 2010, the winning Group was Grobio.
  • In 2011, the winning Group was Verve
  • In 2012, the winning Group was Surgical Interest Association

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

The Health Sciences School co-hosts the Pharma2013 Seminar

The UQ Business School Downtown will co-host conferences the Progressing Business Conference with the Progressing Business Institute in Brisbane.

Presenters, Mentors and Prizes

AOQ-QLD® provides presenters to the MBA program, mentors and prizes for the best project report with a quality and/or auditing component, in each semester.

The first of these was presented in 2005:

Kedron Wavell Services Club: Quality Issues and Meeting the Standards of Regulatory Compliance in the Future

Kay Schafferius .....................Bernard Holland

Praneel Kumar........................Mary-Louise North

In 2006 the winning project for second semester was:

The Ker Memorial Hospital
Michael Tuppin, Deon Stryom, Tyson Fowler, Darren Cobb and Michael Barry

A report examining the operations management of the elective orthopedic service at the Kerr Memorial Hospital.

The main issue of the waiting list for accessing the service is identified within the report and an analysis made of the factors influencing this. The main cause of the problem is benchmarked against international data, with a discussion on how addressing this can streamline the processes.

Key recommendations were presented that will allow the Kerr Memorial Hospital to overcome this quality issue, with the relevant implementation issues discussed in detail.

In 2007, the winning project for First Semester was:

Quality Improvements Appraisal and Business Application
Steve Bugden, Peter Moutsatsos, Richard O'Grady, Alexander Stathakis and David Way

AOQ-QLD® collaborated with Monash University in the conduct of SixSigma2007, SixSigma2008 and LeanSixSigma2009. Monash University provided the facilities for the three events, as well as the Keynote presenters. Monash co-hosted LeanSixSigma2010 on 27-28th April, 2010 in Sydney.

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