November isWorld Quality

2017 Australia's World Quality Month Conference

on World Quality Day

9th November

1.00 to 5.00pm followed by Drinks

Theme: Business in an Interconnected World

Highly Successful 2016 Event
25th November
at TAFE Brisbane

Theme: Agile Leadership, Innovation and Business Improvement

addressing innovation, growth and opportunity in this time of disruption and uncertainty

Another successful World Quality Month event has come and gone.

The three speakers made mind blowing presentations that had everyone talking for ages after the close.


Hack Your Brain to Harness Stress

John Hinwood, Stress to Strength Team

John Hinwood outlined how to identify workplace and personal stressors, build resilience and offered tools and strategies to gain momentum over stress.

He offered a number of activities to reduce stress including one shown in the picture which requires you to breather in deeply, stretch and yawn at the same time. Do that a number of time and your stress will definitely be reduced.

The practices are based on the power of language and visualisation – the underpinnings of change and learning organisations – which are present in all transactions, and they begin with each individual through the power of the mind and through our thoughts. Tapping into mind and brain pathways makes for powerful outcomes.


Quality Personnel Competencies

Len Mahon, AOQ-QLD

Len Mahon, AOQ-QLD Chairman, introduced the latest version of the Quality Personnel Competencies that AOQ-QLD has been actively working on for a number of years and is now nearing completion. The competencies are developed to meet the requirements of the Australian Quality Training Framework in that the quality competency levels and the AQTF levels are similar.

The current work is in completing the competency for the entry levels into the industry which will relate to AQTF Certificate 2.

Len also gave a brief outline of the Accredited Certification Bodies Group that AOQ-QLD is negotiating with the industry.



Digital Disruption, HOLD ON!

Roger Mychwych, Flowbiz

Roger made the point that we are living at the beginning of the third industrial age, right in the eye of the hurricane,

The digital disruption will impact us all. New business models are required to respond to the disruption, a new culture appropriate to the times.

What to do??? A major challenge!!!

The pressure on business leaders is immense, the starting point is to understand what is actually going on.

Even though this era is referred to as ‘digital disruption’  it in fact is the age of ‘digital opportunity’ if we understand the fundamentals and act.

Roger offered a formula for success;and with a scratch of the head implored all of us to follow it.


How will I use that?


5.15 Arrival

5.30 Open

5.45 John Hinwood: Hack your Brain to Harness Stress

6.30 Dinner

7.15 Len Mahon: Quality Personnel Competencies

7.30 Mike Harris: Accredited Certification Bodies

7.45 Roger Mychajlyk Digital Disruption, HOLD ON!

8.30 Close

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